R$ 100

Instituto Araguaia´s Giant Otter Project,  is committed to protect giant otter habitat from being overfished and poached, but, being a not-for-profit NGO, we live off donations and need all the help we can get.  Your contribution is much desired.  

From August to October giant otter groups settle in regular dens to have cubs, limiting their territory to the proximity of the den.  During these months we hire and train locals to help us watch otter territories against illegal intruders.  These local “rangers” are paid on a per diem basis of R$ 100 (one hundred reais). We need as many hands and eyes as we can get.  The Adopt-an-Otter Program was designed to help us cover as much perdiems as possible.  The more we get, the longer their help. 

You can choose from our giant otter throat catalog which animal you wish to adopt. By making a R$100 (one hundred Brazilian Reais)*donation to the project, you will receive an online giant otter 2014 calendar, and a species-adoption certificate from Instituto Araguaia along with a thank-you-card from the otter of your choice.  You will be kept in the loop about how your money was spent and of interesting facts about our giant otter project.   


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 Send us an email to telling us your name and email address, and the name of the otter you wish to adopt from our catalog.
As soon as we detect your payment, we will contact you via email and send you gifts. 

Some can give more, some can give less, but altogether we can make a GIANT difference!! 

RS$ 92 entirely for project  + 8% PayPal tax on international payments = RS$ 100,00
* We wellcome further donations!

We can recognize individual giant otters by looking at the pattern of their throat markings.  Like in human fingerprints there are no two markings alike. In order to be identified by members of their group and between groups, giant otters expose their markings in a behavior called “periscoping”.  This allows us to identify and name them.  Every new individual is recorded in our catalog.  We have selected the 10 most spotted animals for adoption.